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My original  work is available for sale (see prices and descriptions for each work by clicking on the image).  Also available are the following:

          Giclee Prints on Canvas (18 x 24")  $140 plus shipping

          Prints  (18" x 24 unless noted)          $36   plus shipping

          Framed Prints                                    $80   plus shipping

          Framed Prints (Special Frames)       $125   plus shipping 


New Mexico

Eye Mandala

Sweet Dreams

Originals and Prints


A River Runs Thru It  Grouping


Torah, Siddur  and Breastplate

About The Artist

After a career in environmental engineering, I honed my artistic skills at catering and landscaping. Then I discovered my "medium match", paint color samples cut and glued on a canvas. I have exhibited at juried shows in MN and FL, winning an award for Torah, Prayer Book and Breastplate. My work reflects the beauty of our world and sends a positive spiritual message, utilizing the plethora of colors available with "paint chips".

Star of David Mandala

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A River Runs Thru It Jr.